Lake Superior March 2020


As a therapist, I strongly focus on behavior. We are creatures of habit whose actions arise or evolve for a variety of reasons. People often come to therapy to work on changing things that are not working in their lives any longer. Since these behaviors often have deep meaning, a part of the therapy process involves exploration of the beliefs and habits that are no longer working. I draw on a variety of techniques to discover what will be most helpful for each client to help them build on their strengths and achieve life goals.  

Much of my work focuses on conducting in-depth neuropsychological assessments to ide ntify ADHD and other deficits of executive functioning with adolescents & young adults.  Though many of my patients do use medications, I am a huge proponent of changing lifestyles to enable the brain to function more efficiently.  The assessment produces a snapshot of how the brain proceses information but should be followed by counseling  to help people launch into the next phase of their life journey.  I also work with people who have chronic health problems (including chronic pain) to manage the psychological impact that illnesses often produce.

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